Progress In The Fight Against Abortion

by Mary
October 22, 2011

Recent days have brought thoughts of the past pro-life movement here in Missouri.  We have come a long way in ending abortion in Missouri.  
 In 1985, Missouri had eight abortion mills.  We also had a core group that worked tirelessly to end the killing of our children.  They kept abortion in the media and they also worked to rescue the little ones.  The respect that they had for each other was awesome.  We knew that the work was God’s work and we were His hands.  It wasn’t my “save’ it was God’s save.  It wasn’t I’m the leader but we all were led by the Holy Spirit in what was needed to rescue the children and to close the death camp.  Now twenty-six years later and we have one full time death camp in St. Louis and a sometime death camp in Columbia.  This wasn’t accomplished by one person this was accomplished by many hands working together to end the killing of God’s children.  
Many hours and many heartaches went into the closing of these abortion mills.  The sacrifices that were made by many were given from the heart, not selfishness.  These pro-life warriors wanted to end the killing of innocent unborn children and to close the death camp.  They were willing to give up their lives in order to accomplish this.  They were willing to spend time away from family and friends if this would close the abortion mills.  They were willing to lose their job if it meant that a child’s life was saved.

These are the true hero’s in the pro-life movement.  They are the reason that we have one death camp in Missouri.

We have come a long way to regain what is rightfully ours.  The sanctity of human life.  The respect of life that was given to us all by God.  This is why Defenders of the Unborn has always, and will always say that we need to be standing on the streets outside the place where children die and mother’s are forever harmed.  We must take up the cross and carry it until the end.  We have an obligation to defend all life.  This is accomplished by being a part of Constant Witness.  To stand together at the Cross.  In the 80’s we locked arms in front of an abortion mill door in order that the women couldn’t enter.  Sometimes these women left with a counselor and her baby was saved.  Today we need to lock arms with each other outside the gates of the death camp in prayer to order for these babies to be saved.  We will accomplish this if we all take up the Cross and follow Jesus.  To rescue His little ones by prayer through Constant Witness.  Defenders of the Unborn is committed to be at the Planned Parenthood in St. Louis 365 days a year until this death camp closes its doors.
Will you join us in the battle for the lives of the unborn child?
Take a few minutes and log onto our website and see what we are doing to rescue the children and to educate the community on the horror of abortion.  We share our time and talents with those who are in need.  We offer support and help to the moms and to those who have aborted and need healing. 

We ask that you share your time and talents for those in need by signing up to be a part of Constant Witness.   

If you have any questions please contact Mary at 314-346-9052
God bless you and thank for your support in the defense of the unborn.
Mary Maschmeier– Director Defenders of the Unborn

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